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The Four Key Elements to Consider When Choosing How to Print Your Labels

The Four Key Elements to Consider When Choosing How to Print Your Labels

There are now multiple options available at your fingertips when creating your product/packaging labels, so how do you decide whether to produce your labels through a label print specialist or on an in-house printer?

The world of label printing has moved at pace. In the past, options were limited when it came to producing labels – particularly multi-colour and larger sizes – where an external print company was the only real option. However, with the development of desktop colour label printers, many organisations are now printing labels in-house.

Both options have pros and cons, and so you need to decide what’s best for your company. Elements to consider are:

Your Brand 

Product labelling is rudimental to your brand – it visually speaks to your customers and can make or break sales. When considering how to print your labels, think about the quality, colour match and finish that suits your products and will it require additional elements such as holograms or hot foils to give your brand protection?

Label Stock

Another deliberation is whether your product requires different label stocks. Dependant on the label stock and adhesives used, it can affect quality (and brand reflection), usage, regulatory requirements and additional security elements such as tamper evident, UV or destructible. The product that the label is being adhered to is also a consideration as well as any harsh environments or processes that the label will go through.


Labels come in many different shapes and sizes and sometimes products require bespoke dimensions. There are desktop printers that now produce various labels up to A4, however it’s always good to discuss this with you label supplier to make sure your choice is the right one.


If you have large quantities of labels to produce, you’re probably better off considering a labelling specialist. Generally, a minimum order quantity is 1,000 labels per size/design. However, if you’re requiring smaller print runs and/or changing product information regularly, then a desktop printer may be a better option. You can speed up the print process by adding more labels across the width or buying a larger format printer. Specialist label suppliers like PRISYM Labels can also offer ‘call off’ contracts to support you with your label quantity needs.

In addition to label stock, the printer ribbon should also be a consideration to match the label stock and the type of print finish required.

So how will you print yours? At PRISYM Labels, we can support whichever route you decide to take. It's our people that make the difference. Our reputation for industry knowledge on label production and management is unrivalled, ensuring that you will benefit from the right advice on how to produce your labels, with a range superior products and services. To contact our team, please click here.